Friday, December 24, 2010

QR Code Images

QR codes are 2D code images (black and white dots and bars) that have text encoded into them in several formats (text, URL, phone number, SMS), and can be read with qr code reader softwares, available online & in most smart phones.. they are also called "hardlinks" since they can serve as physical world hyperlinks.. you can simply read a printed or even artistically painted qr code image with ur phone & then it will open u the website url that is encoded in the qr image!! same as a soft hyperlink.. They can be and are used widely in marketing to attract traffic to certain websites or to hardlink a brand's website.. it can also be printed on T-Shirts, Mugs and can be formed with colored materials like coffee beans or M&Ms

qr stands for Quick Response

Audi Japan’s World’s Biggest QR Code (so far):

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