I have been a developer in the computer software programming field since 2002, and started professionally as a C++ software engineer in 2006. During my early development years I spent most of my time writing algorithms and applications related to Data Security, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning fields. I followed those up with 2 years of extensive physics and math programming along with cutting-edge 3D games and graphics programming at Nassons Entertainment Studios and Simulation Lab, one of my highlighted achievements at Nassons was writing an impressive physics simulation of the player spaceship and camera movement effects in a very tight timeline, for the game CROSSROADS.

You may have a look on the game screenshots at here. At Simulation Lab I wrote exporters and importers for 3D file formats like Collada and Google SketchUp.

In the meanwhile, I added a one extra year of J2ME mobile game/application engine development as an entrepreneur in PlusSoft (founded by me and a friend), I have also wrote a mobile game parallel to developing the game engine, the game trailer video is available upon request (I made the trailer video only in 3 days using Adobe Premier and Adobe Audition).

I then went on to smart-client and thick-client applications development with C++/C# and .Net Framework 4, I learned a lot of hacking techniques and writing bots and web automation tasks, I also learned the infrastructure of windows server/client communication architecture, and further more enriched my skills with Flash ActionScript3 programming and PHP5 along with MySQL Database engine as extra knowledge during my free times.
I am also running and maintaining this technical blog when I have the time, containing the latest technology news, development tips and sample applications along with their source code.

Most Recently, I have been working a full-time job as a Technology Specialist at Softact based in Amman, Jordan, fulfilling the following roles as needed: Senior Software engineer in C++/C#, Technical Consultant, Technical Trainer and a Project Manager using Agile processes (MSF and Scrum).

Get in touch :) I'm always open to any questions, contributions and discussions, I'm also eager to receive your constructive feedback.
Please feel free anytime to drop me some lines in email, or chat with me on Skype: