Thursday, June 30, 2011


I started using Google+ yesterday, it's pretty cool, promising with a little learning curve though, I think it might and probably has the capabilities to take over both Facebook and Twitter soon enough.. Reminds me of the elimination of MySpace and Hi5..

Google has opened Google+ for a limited field test, the invitations were unavailable for the public in the last few days but they're now ready for testing it on a larger scale, where Google+ users get to invite other people to join in.
Google has decided they're going to roll out the network very slowly, but they had to shut down the invite mechanism last night due to insane demand.

It's not "just another" social network, I might become "THE" social network soon, the great thing is that people already love Google! I do.. and after the multiple failures with Orkut and other social networks, Google's graveyard got bigger and I can see that Google has finally decided to take it seriously and take over the web, again!

It's combining the features from Facebook, twitter anf foursquare in a one social network, and moreover, adding to them the ease of use and the friendly UI, Google is already known of it's user experience standards and they're applying it intensively there..
People already love Google and will most probably gladly and easily transit to g+ , and this invitation mechanism is making ppl crave to join in ;) they're playing it smart this time, they have to..

Now the question is, how about the APIs? when? and how?
I'm crossing fingers for a better API documentation than Facebook's.

To learn more about Google+ visit Google's official blog post

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